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Bulk rubbish

Dumping bulk rubbish is unhealthy, unsightly and attracts vermin as well as imposes a fire risk. The cost of clearing it is being collected through your service charge. If you have unwanted furniture which is in good condition please contact Homestore who will collect it free of charge and sell it at low cost to those in need.

Please call Homestore on 020 8519 6264 or visit Tower Hamlets Council will collect furniture /bulky items that cannot be reused. All residents in receipt of Housing Benefit are entitled to two free bulk rubbish collections a year with up to to five items per collection. It may take the Council up to 5 working days to arrange collection, so please plan ahead and call them before you put the items outside. If you are not on Housing Benefit the charge from the Council is only £15. Items should only be placed outside the night before your collection date.

If you are unsure please contact our office. If you witness anybody dumping bulk rubbish you can report this to our office anonymously by contacting our office on 0207 392 5400. This way we can recharge the cost of collecting the rubbish to the correct household and not put it on everyone’s service charge. Dumping bulk rubbish is anti-social behaviour and put your tenancy at risk