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Mission, Vision, Values

Spitalfields Housing Association is the largest Bangladeshi-led housing Association in the UK. The Association was founded in 1979 by members of the Bangladeshi community in response to poor housing conditions in the Spitalfields area. Set up originally as a co-operative, the Association originally concentrated on developing large family sized accommodation for Bangladeshi families. The Association registered with the Housing Corporation in 1980 and began an ambitious development programme, refurbishing what had previously been slum areas. We are now a general needs housing provider providing good quality housing and community services to those with the greatest needs in Tower Hamlets.

Having recognised the need for change, Spitalfields abandoned its co-operative status in the 1980’s by which time it owned over 150 homes. The Association now owns and manages over 850 properties with a target in our business plan of getting to 1,000 homes. The majority of the Association’s properties are within a two mile radius of the office. Recently, the Association has started to provide shared ownership accommodation, in addition to short-term accommodation for homeless families, through a scheme with our main local authority partner.

The Association is a registered Friendly Society operating under the model 'charitable rules' of the National Housing Federation.